Better serve your low-income customers.

High-quality Services for Low-income People

We help organizations design, pilot, and scale revenue-positive services that improve outcomes and mitigate the effects of poverty.

Behavior Change

We start by trying to understand the complex and hidden factors that drive behavior.

Systems Thinking

We galvanize stakeholders to solve systemic challenges -- from scaling access to HIV treatment to building resilient communities.

Effective Communication

We help organizations leverage technology to build trusting relationships with their customers.
  • What do I regret buying? Two months ago, I bought a pair of $8 shorts for myself at Goodwill.
    Flint, Michigan
  • I've been selling water outside of a basketball court for 14 years. I waitied 11 years before I tried to learn to play. I don't know why but it just felt like basketball was for other people. Now I wonder why I waited so long.
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • At first I didn't realize it, but now I know, when you buy something with a loan it costs more.
    Lahore, Pakistan
  • I'm unlicensed, unbonded and uninsured. I shouldn't be working but I'm trying to get by. So should I report that income on my taxes?
    Miami, Florida
  • I have a hard time saving money, so I give it to my manager at work. After one year, I can have my money without paying a penalty.
    Jakarta, Indonesia

Our Work

We design and scale systems that help mitigate the effects of poverty.


We work with organizations in the private, public, and social sectors. We’d love to discuss how we can help your organization. For business development or media requests, please contact one of our partners below.
Harris Levine
Nate Bernhard

We draw on a range of disciplines, from research and analysis to strategy and technology, to bring ideas to life. Members of our team include faculty members at New York University, Carnegie Mellon, and Brown University, experienced consultants who worked previously with organizations like IDEO, and entrepreneurs who have created ventures ranging from successful restaurants to software applications used around the globe.
About Ker-twang

Ker-wang is a social enterprise and Benefit LLC working to increase the number, quality, and availability of meaningful services for low-income people.